Project 1  Package Copy

Misfit Union

Fresh, sustainable, in-your-face. Misfit Union was on a mission to change the way people bought and consumed food. But they needed a brand story to put on their hundreds of healthy, ready-made meals. A story that would remind their customers, every time they enjoyed a Misfit Union product, that they’d made the right choice. Here’s how I told it. (Package design: RTD)

“Way to go, misfit. You’ve just saved the planet 9 truck trips and made a local farmer happy. And you’re eating good, clean, hand-prepared food that doesn’t come with any ingredients you can’t pronounce. So happy, healthy eating. Enjoy every ounce of this nutri­tion-packed meal before you recycle our eco-package. Try a new combi­nation every time. And, please, you keep doing you. Don’t fit in. Join the evolution.”

Project 2  Video Script


Tekton had just launched a game-changing algotrading platform. Their target audience was young and young-at-heart risk-takers. The Tekton crew wanted a voice that would speak to them: edgy, funny, been there, done that. This is the explainer video the incredibly creative folks at Navajo Digital made with my script. It’s one of my favorites. We went on to develop the Tekton website together, along with a series of how-to blogs for novice investors.

Project 3  Brand Voice

Reforest Nicosia

Global warming is here and it’s scary. Raising awareness isn’t enough anymore. If we want to give the planet a fighting chance, we need to act now. I worked with the eco warriors at Reforest Nicosia to get that message across, writing a voice for their new venture that would get the community off their butts and into the dirt to plant a whole lot of trees. One part Don’t Look Up, three parts hard hope, Reforest Nicosia’s brand voice (and its awesome new website) is kickstarting the fight against climate change in one of Europe’s least green capitals.

“We’re Reforest Nicosia, a grassroots team of local organisers, environmental experts, and community volunteers. We’ve planted over 10,000 trees in the wider Nicosia area so far. Our goal is to plant 300,000 — one tree for every resident of the city. (That’s you!) Join our effort to save the planet. Help us green Cyprus.”

Project 4  Copywriting


Medovie is a natural skincare company based in the UK. They had to get their story out over a huge range of print and web media: website copy, user stories, market­ing emails, social media, packaging, and a ton of micro­copy. I had about four weeks and 400 hundred cups of coffee to get their voice into shape with editor extra­ordinaire, Lara Bastajian. This is a little taste of our work.

Project 5  UX Writing

Bank of Cyprus

When Bank of Cyprus brought me on board to help out with their new mobile banking app, they had a fairly big problem. They’d designed the mockups without a clear idea of how their customers would move through the app, and the bank brass had signed off on them. User experience, in other words, was something they were hoping  we could finesse in with some very effective microcopy. Writing that copy was kind of like dancing over a minefield. One wrong word and an entire section could go up in smoke. In the end, I think we managed to produce something pretty fantastic, with some help from my UX writing partner at Storyline Creatives, Lara Bastajian, and the design team at BoC.

Project 6  Creative Direction

BECCA Europe

BECCA Europe was really good at finding grant money to keep creative organizations rolling. But they weren’t happy with how they looked or sounded online. We started the rebrand with a new website, designed and written from the ground up: colors, type, copy, and flow. When it was time to write, my gut told me to stay away from numbers, which companies love, and talk instead about the people whose visions BECCA had nurtured. Stories not stats. (Read my case study for more on my writing approach.) From the amount of new clients BECCA picked up over the five years we worked together, and their terrific newsletter open rate, I think the new look and message worked out well.

Project 7  Website Writing

WP Clone

WP Clone was an SaaS start-up out to help WordPress developers build faster and safer. For their new website, they didn’t want to sound like an IT manual. They wanted a voice that effortlessly communicated who they were and what they did. Writing it was a lot of fun.

Project 8  Articles


I’ve written a lot of stories over the years — under my own name and as a ghost­writer. Here’s a small selection of my work. You can also check out my Medium page, Copy Cat, where some of these articles live. (The little means I wrote it but you won’t see my name on it.)

Other clients

JCC Payment Systems

Cobalt Aero


Ancoria Insurance

Emergo Lifegoals